Applications for 2024 / 25 Academic Year will be open 7th March 2024 @ 9am

Accommodation Rates



Friday 23rd August 2024 until Friday 30th May 2025


Room Type

Amt Due 5th Aug 2024* (1st Instalment)

Amt Due 2nd Dec 2024 (2nd



Single Room, Shared Bathroom




Single Ensuite Room




Large Room, Shared Bathroom




Large Ensuite Room




Deluxe Ensuite Room




Shared Room, Shared Bathroom




Shared Room, Ensuite Bathroom




Supplementary Charges (Included in 1st Instalment Above):

  • Service Charge (Light, Heat, Waste, Broadband) : €800
  • Security Deposit : €300**

Parking -

Charge for reserved parking : €500 (Not included in above figures)

Booking Fee - 

A booking fee of €250 is payable by all students on application. This fee is in addition to all other charges. This fee is non refundable to all current residents that have reapplied - no exceptions. First year applicants that have been made an offer of a room and cancel prior to the 26th of Aug 2024 will receive a refund of €150 of the €250 booking fee paid. Students on a waiting list that are not made an offer of a room will receive a full refund of the €250 fee paid.  

 *1st Instalment Due Date for incoming 1st Year Students will be extended  to the day after CAO offers are out.

** Security Deposit will be refunded at the successful conclusion of the tenancy agreement.

Terms & Conditions


Apartments are fully furnished with television and kitchen equipment. Students provide their own bed linen, duvet, pillow and towels. Broadband internet connection is provided in each bedroom. 

This is a fixed term letting agreement. Rent for the entire period, 23rd August 2024 to 30th May 2025 and must be paid in full in accordance with the due dates identified above. 

No refunds will be given until the end of the academic year, and will be made by electronic bank transfer This Application Form is part of the contractual/letting agreement between you (the tenant) and Parchment Square Management Company Limited.


  1. Applications accepted only through our online reservation system on our website
  2. 2023/24 tenants reapplying for 2024/25 must input their room number on the application.
  3. Accommodation offers will be issued by email.
  4. A lease agreement will be issued with confirmation of your room booking. This agreement must be signed by both the tenant and their Guarantor and returned to us no later than 5th August 2024.
  5. 3 signed passport photographs must be submitted, together with the lease documentation, and payment of first instalment before 5th August 2024
  6. Payment
    1. Payment can be made via our online payment system.
    2. Up to 5th of August 2024, we will also accept Bank Draft or Money Order or cheque payable to Parchment Square Management Company Limited.